Ragamala is primarily fueled by YOUR support! Ticket sales cover only a small portion of our operating expenses. In order to support our artists fairly, and continue to bring quality programming to the Greater Seattle area, we need YOU. Ragamala is a registered 501-3(c) organization and is completely run by volunteers who are passionate about Indian Classical Music. Every dollar and every cent you donate goes directly towards bringing wonderful live Indian Classical Music to YOU. 

What would you give to re-create a bit of that magic? To help an Emerging artist blossom, to see a Master artist cast their spell, to share and appreciate a living tradition with family and friends, to make a gift to your community, please DONATE here: 

Donations to Ragamala are tax-deductible. You will receive a receipt for your tax records. if you wish to sponsor a concert or workshop or an artist stay, please Contact Us directly.