Ragamala, est. 1981, has presented hundreds of concerts featuring many great names of our era. We hope you enjoy the compositions from our archives, which provide a glimpse of the wonderful artists that have graced the Ragamala stage over the last four decades.

To begin with, here’s a track from our FIRST concert in 1981at Cornish Auditorium in Seattle!

Srivani Jade spent a lovely afternoon with Kumud-tai Nagarkar this week, learning about her experiences moving to Seattle in the 1980s, meeting other classical musicians here and performing Ragamala’s first ever concert in 1981.

Enjoy this recording of a private concert (that pre-dates Ragamala), which was donated to our archives by the Benegal family.

Raga Bhimpalas – Teental; Saath: Smt. Shantha Benegal (Tanpura); 1977, Seattle